In August, I took Samantha to the states. She officially left the nest. It was hard on me as a dad. Samantha was like, "Bye Daddy, see ya later." This Dad shed many a tear on the way from OH to GA watching my little girl driving with her little sister in my rearview mirror, especially since Samantha hadn't had much of a chance to develop the needed driving skills to drive through cities on the scale of Columbus and Cincinnati.

She is staying in a wonderful home built to help missionary kids transition from the mission field to America. They were a great help and relieved a lot of my "letting go" angst.
I am very grateful for the special offerings for our car needs, my father in law's assistance in acquiring a good first car for Samantha's launch into college life, and the many people praying and helping along the way.

While in America, I reported to two churches we have not been able to revisit since becoming missionaries. Our support is spread out across the states. I visited 7 other supporters, a new Church plant in MO, and visited a college buddy who is starting a church in IA. They were three very busy weeks. From IA to OH to GA to MO and back to IA.

Upon returning to Germany, I had a short jetlag recovery and then started back into the swing of it all. I was privileged to speak to the parents of the entire school at the opening of the new year. Such an opportunity to spread the gospel is incredible. 10 min from law to grace. One of the Christian teachers stated that one nonbelieving parent was on the fence concerning the school, but those 10 min clinched the deal.

The next adventure was a three-day outing with 50 fifth graders. I served as the only male counselor, baseball coach, policeman, guitar player, paracord bracelet instructor and pastor. A fun-packed marathon! Teaching baseball to that many kids at once was fun, but the highlight was making those bracelets. With every knot in every bracelet, I taught that “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” I always wanted to use my passion for tying knots to illustrate the gospel and here I was teaching fifth graders the gospel with more than 50 knots per kid, topping it off with three devotions reiterating those truths. I am excited to have several of the fifth graders coming to our weekly baseball now, where I have more time to share Christ with them.

I am excited about the growth in those who are in our church’s discipleship classes. I am grateful that Skyler and Johannes could fill in during my absence. Please pray for Skyler's health. He is taking part in clinical studies using an experimental medication for crohn’s. The emotional yo-yo ride of this sickness is wearing.

So thankful for all you do to help us do what we do,

The Sudbrock Family Aug-Oct

As life changes, one must grow and change as well.  We graduated from Bible College in 91 and 94 respectively. We were approved in 93 and I hit the deputation road as Chelli finished her last year of College.  We arrived in Germany February of 1995.  It was a fast track.  We have enjoyed serving the Lord.

A year and a half ago, we realized the need to step into serious personal development in order to grow with the ministry here.  Chelli worked so hard and obtained her Master’s in Education all the while not dropping the ball in the myriad of outreaches, we are involved in.  She is a Super Woman and she doesn’t need a big SW to prove it. 

I stepped into the mind twisting realm of Biblical Hebrew. In just 8 weeks from now, I will finish my second year of Hebrew.  We are thankful that we were able to continue our education while continuing to minister here in Wittenberg.  The benefits of such furthered education are seen daily in our effectiveness.  We are thankful that God enabled us to keep the expense of this extra training at a minimum.  Please pray with us as we work to fully pay off our extra educational costs.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated and can be earmarked for ministry education.

In June, we were at the Luther Wedding Festival passing out tracts and communicating the Gospel.  Chelli and I share our wedding anniversary with Martin and Katharina Luther so our anniversary is always celebrated with three full days of outreach and soulwinning.

We enjoyed taking twenty-two 6th graders on a three-day Bible camp.  It was an amazing opportunity to model Christ before them.  We spent sweet times in prayer, devotions and song.  Please pray that the Spirit will draw them to salvation.

Chelli and Sadie taught a week of English camp in July with students from cities all across the state including Wittenberg.  Pray for continued contact and impact as we work with these young people.

Serenity has been in the US for the last few weeks working at Homes of Hope for Children and visiting colleges.  I will be meeting up with her in Ohio and fly back to Germany after dropping Samantha off in Georgia.

A large number of teens from Chelli’s school are attending English Bible Camp in Berlin this summer.  None of which would have been possible without our outreach in the school.  So thankful to know that God’s impact on their lives doesn’t take a summer vacation break.

Samantha has returned from South Africa, having had the wonderful experience of ministering Christ to orphaned children there for the past year. She will be here just a few short weeks before I take her to Georgia for college.  Prayer requests are; the continued clarity of God’s leadership in her life, the cultural transition to America, a good car, and finances. If you would like to help support Samantha while she is in college, that would be a blessing to us.  Any help given to Samantha’s education, is helping us and our ministry.  Our abilities as missionaries to assist our kids in America is very limited.

If you have followed our ministry for long, you know that our car, Betsy, has been on a spree of breakdowns.  She is 14 years old and has given her all for the ministry.  During one such breakdown, what appeared to be a fatal event, we found Bob (car #2).  He is the same make and model, but a year younger with only half the miles and in much better condition.  I was able to talk the owner down to 2,500 Euro ($2,791.11); 2000€ cash and the rest over the next two months.  We will be retiring Betsy (car #1) to a friend’s house where it can be used for spare parts for Bob.

Prayer Requests:       

  • Prayer for soul winning zeal among Christians.  The Gospel is the only way to change the World.
  • Educational Costs
  • Prayer for supporting churches.  We have lost two recently.
  • Our car repairs and the purchase of Bob the last few months total: $3500 + $557 future payments.  Not including the rental car fees.
  • Safe travel for Paul, Samantha, and Serenity to and from the states.
  • Smooth adjustment as Samantha starts college
  • School ministry – the new school year starts the second week of August

So grateful for your support!              

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids. 

18 Students, 4 Adults, 3 days, 60 Kilometers times two.hikeweb

I was invited to go backpacking with both of the 7th grade classes.  I was asked to give the opening and closing devotions for the two trips. Such an opportunity to give the good news to a whole class is not to be denied!

I oversaw the young men.  It was such a privilege to speak God’s truth into their lives in word and deed.  It was also a physical challenge.  I have not spent that much time on my feet since pheasant hunting in my youth.

The lesson is to first know Christ and then to trust him for the long haul. It is not about what we can do.  Our “can-do” is very quickly and properly expressed in the phrase, I can’t.  Acknowledging our inability and repenting of leaving God out is the only logical response to the rigors of life. Only then, are we able, in faith, to fall into the Savior’s nail pierced hands. He alone can save.

-an interesting phrase. It comes from German. It is also where we get the word “Wit”. (Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary, "A.S. wíse, orig. wiseness; Ger. weise; akin to wise (1) and wit. Doublet guise" ) It is more than simply “in this manner”. We also use a form of it in Clockwise. The clock was a huge technological leap in engineering. The German word knowledge (Wissen) also belongs to this family as well as many other commonly used words.
On this wise”, leads to the reality that God is knowingly guiding how life unfolds. He has control, even when we believe otherwise. (Every pun is intended!)

Ro 11:33 O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

We are always looking for new ways to present Christ in Wittenberg. The best means to the goal is always opened by the Lord. We praise and thank Him!

I have been leading the Monday devotions at a local school for over a year now. Last year the opportunity to lead the devotion for the teachers opened. This year I had the entire school and faculty present as I presented Christ the Savior. All were presented with the opportunity to trust Jesus. The resonance was encouraging. Please pray as God leads in this opening, that it will be effectual!

I teach baseball at the same school. After completing my sport trainer course last year, the opportunity arose to teach other courses as well. This gives me the opening to pray with these students in a smaller group setting, allowing for more one-on-one influence.

I have also been asked to take part in the yearly class trip as a counselor.

At church, we are in Genesis as we have preached through the New Testament. The people are so excited to see the Bible in a verse-by-verse textual style. They have learned so much. They get upset when they see the shallowness of the so-called Christians and organizations around them. Two ladies, who began visiting as a result of our summer street ministry, are really enjoying the sermons. It is cool to see God’s word change people!

I went to the doctor because my knees were bothering me. He stated that I had apparently torn the meniscus in my right knee and I have a patella tendon infection in the left. He sent me to the physical therapist. The PT stated that I had torn muscles in the quadriceps. That was the apparent “trigger” of the patella problem. The right knee bothered me last winter, but I ignored it. It has apparently, as the doctor said, “laid back down”. Not sure if that means it is healed or not. I am on a regiment of stretching, massage and exercise. I believe I am making progress. With new custom shoe inserts and a Christmas of “old people gifts” i.e. liniment, heating pads and massage tools, we press on. Ha Ha. Please pray that the efforts will be effective so that our age doesn’t slow us down.

Samantha celebrated Christmas morning with us from South Africa via Facebook Video. The Kids held the screen, so Samantha could be in our traditional “before-opening-presents” picture.

Thanks so much for your support! 

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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So many blessings in the last few months

Our building project was successfully finished.Events

I finished my German certification to be a Sport Trainer.

We baptized mother and daughter, G… and M…  So cool watching Christians grow in the Lord!

I made a solo trip to Canada and IA, enjoying two conferences and ministering in two other churches.  A special thanks to Bro Hallmark’s church in Prince George who gave a special love offering enabling the replacement of my old and defective iPad.  Jeff and Regena were so gracious to me.  Staying with them was a highlight of my trip!

Jesus is the Greek version of our Lord’s name. In Hebrew, it is pronounced Jeshua.

Jeshua’s message for salvation is two part; repent and believe. Both are the combination to unlock salvation. They are also two related words in Hebrew.

The Impossible is Possible

Has someone told you that what you were planning was impossible, that you are crazy for even trying or that you should leave something to the professionals?

Hearing something like that might invoke anger inside you, frustration and/ or self-doubt.

Hi, my name is Serenity Sudbrock and I am an MK to eastern Germany. Living within a culture known for its negative view on life and ingenuity a cultural habit causing them to be one of the last leading European countries to enter into the industrial revolution and still causes the scientists to move to less restricting countries rather than try to get by the German bureaucracy to work on different scientific studies.

Activities of the MonthThe last months have been filled with activity.  Chelli had warned me not to make any new appointments, and rightly so. Every week was filled to the brim. 

Our youngest celebrated her Modern Day Princess Ceremony at church.  It was very exciting to see our Sadie celebrating coming of age.  We charged her to strive for truth and wisdom, to bloom where God has her now to gather the strength for the next phase of her life, to let Jesus shine in and through her, to never forget the goal and who she belongs to and to guard her heart.