August and September were filled with changes, adaptations, and new opportunities.

We landed in late July in Des Moines, IA.  Skyler and Eva renewed their vows at Newton Baptist Temple as the family was not able to be a part of their German wedding. 

They went east to visit friends and family and we went south visit some of our supporting churches. We all met up again in MO to spend some time with Samantha at College of the Ozarks.  We then parted ways as Skyler and Eva made their way back to IA then back to Germany.  A special thanks to all who helped them along their way.  Blessing our kids is a blessing to us.

After being in a few churches, we made our way to Indianapolis, where Guy Solarek and his church blessed us with fellowship and a generous love offering.

We then spent a few days with Chelli’s family and visited old friends.  We were then on to Cincinnati to meet new friends before heading off to VA to drop Sadie off at college.

The following Saturday, I took Chelli to the airport.  She had to be back as school was starting up in Wittenberg.  A few days later I was driving to Cincinnati with tears running down my face.  Letting your kids go is hard, but the finality of the last one starting college is just tough.

I went on to IA where I visited a few more churches and had an out-patient procedure with 10 days of healing before the long fight back.

As the kids are on their own, we are adapting.  One of the adaptations came in the form of four legs.  Thanks to a generous Christian dog breeder, we have a new child.  Elior (My God is light) will be joining our team as a therapy dog.  Lord willing, he will open doors for many new soul winning opportunities in hospitals, care facilities and orphanages.

We also have several needs.  Samantha and Serenity have medical bills that need to be paid off.  As you know, the cost of travel has become difficult to bear, this was never more evident than when you are traveling between faithful churches.  We are excited about the new opportunities with the K9 Chaplain ministry, but this as well comes at a cost.  Elior will be spending the winter with a professional trainer in MO.  We are feeling the cost-of-living increases brought on by the energy crisis here in Europe.  Would you consider increasing your commitment to our ministry.  If you are not supporting us, would you pray about taking us on?

In May, we are to be honored for thirty years of service as missionaries to Germany.  It is amazing how the time has passed.  It promises to be an exciting week as we see many of you again.  We will also be able to see Samantha again and pick up Elior. He will officially be joining our team in May as we endeavor to reach the lost until HE comes again.

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

This month has been full.  Sadie, our youngest, graduated and is on her way to Liberty on a missionary scholarship.  We had a goodbye service Sunday where teachers and friends heard the gospel one more time. 

After services, we grilled and celebrated Sadie’s 19 years in Germany.  With a complex mix of feelings, we release the last arrow of the Sudbrock quiver into the uncertainty of today with all the hopes and dreams that the Almighty will use her to change the world.

We are in the middle of preparation for summer furlough.  It entails preparing our apartment, lining up guest speakers, and filling empty dates along our route.

In July, I have been on two class trips with the school as chaperoning pastor.  We took the two 8th grade classes to the Berlin area.  It is such a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel.  Usually, the first night is a short one as they are full of trip excitement.  The rest of the week is generally more restful, but . . . as with any youth camp, it makes for a tired group of workers.  That aside, I wouldn’t give up the opportunity to give devotions, play soccer, listen, and counsel these young people for anything.  What a blessing it is to be able to communicate the loving good news of Christ’s salvation to these young people and their teachers. 

The second trip was with the 6th graders.  I had over done it helping a friend over the weekend with his roof and that set the stage for a problem at the end of our first day with the 6A.  After a 12-kilometer hike, my legs swelled and became feverous.  Monday night, I slept with my legs and feet over a fan I had lodge between the wall and the bed to cool the beet red blotches.  The next evening things had improved, and I was back in the swing of things.  Due to my leg issue, it was decided that I would ride back with the A class and Chelli would then bring me back Wed evening.  Suddenly it occurred to me that I had forgotten my dentist appointment and I would not make it back in time.  I called Chelli and asked her to call the dentist only to have the dentist call me to ask if I could come 45 minutes later.  God knows what we need when we need it.  If I had not had a problem with my legs, I would have missed my appointment and He even changed the Dentist’s schedule to accommodate my need without me knowing I had a need.

The 6b was a joy.  When I arrive Wed evening, I sat with a group of kids and started to share Bible stories.  The group grew and I lost track of time.  They were like sponges.  Afterwards, I walked around meeting the rest of the class and more questions ensued.  There is no greater joy than sharing Christ!

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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I cannot think of a better testimony. A man who has been watching our ministry for  several years and has witnessed the lives of our family on a daily basis, made me smile.    As I was chatting with him and steered the conversation to Christ, he interrupted me and stated positively, “You all live the faith”. It is so nice to get positive feedback. Thank you, Lord, for making the years of serving You, visible to our neighbors.

Since the end of February, we have been actively reaching out to the Ukrainian people, both in our city and throughout eastern Europe. We invited the refugees who have relocated to Wittenberg to attend a cake and coffee fellowship and BBQ.  We had 30 RSVP to our invite, so we planned for 40 and purchased for 50.  Ninety-five showed up!!!  Just as the grill ran out of food to serve, a young lady from Chelli’s ninth grade class appeared with a gorgeous layer cake from the bakery where she works. “I was wondering if you could use this?”

The Lord multiplied our “loaves and fish” and fed the multitude!  I was able to share Christ with a few people by drawing pictures in the sand while I was grilling.  Some spoke English.  Some spoke German.  But everyone has mastered the translation apps on our phones since all of this started. At the end of the evening, a man who spoke some English expressed his thankfulness.  He was so grateful for the opportunity to be distracted for a while and to enjoy life and hope for an afternoon.  We gave out backpacks filled and donated by Samaritan’s Purse.  Everyone had a great time and went home with the Gospel of John and our contact information. Please pray for open hearts as they struggle to make sense of their world.

On the family side of things, Serenity is with us for the summer.  She has an internship at a local engineering company.  We will be headed to the states in July to drop off Sadie as she starts at Liberty University on a Missionary Kid Scholarship in the fall. That means we will be empty nesters.! 

Please pray for Sadie’s left knee. If the tendons do not heal properly, she will need to undergo another surgery.

Pray for the health of churches and our support level as well. Two of our supporting Churches have disbanded and closed their doors this spring.

Upcoming events: Luther’s Wedding Festival (street ministry), 6th grade class trip (5 days), 8th grade class trip (5 days), Graduation Sunday. 

 A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

Being present and living a Christian life opens doors.   Nothing can replace the power of a good testimony as it develops trust.  In March, I was out and about when I saw a familiar face.  This kind gentleman and I had become friends through my car.  He had owned the same model.  I had shared the gospel with him in passing, but this day he was noticeably busy in his thoughts.  He told me he was on his way to see his doctor about his blood pressure.  I asked him if I could pray with him before he left.  He agreed and I took his hand and brought him before the Lord.  With tears welling up, he gratefully thanked me.  Being present is so important!

I was recently on a group trip where a young person demanded that I agree with “bi” sexuality.  She had become the alpha in the group and was demanding that I subject myself to her viewpoint.  I stated that I can respect her as a person. I can love her as a human being, but I will never agree with her view of sexuality. The conversation ended in her frustration, but I lovingly stood on truth. 

The next day as we embarked on a 7 km hike through the woods, the coolest thing happened. Six young men who had witnessed the previous day’s confrontation walked along side me and began showering me with questions spanning from life and death to faith and salvation, extent of salvation, life after death, who can be saved, are bad "Christians" in heaven, memory of former life and the list went on and on. They saw my biblical stand the day before. They had a hunger for truth!!!  I call miracle!  God is good!

Our family has now all been through Covid.  One of the young men on that hike shared it with me.  I naturally gave it to Chelli and then Sadie tested positive as well.  The timing could not have been better as we had a planned trip that would have had to be cancelled if it had come any later.  Now that I have had it, I am free from any Covid restrictions in our area. Germany is slowly dropping its restrictions.  God’s timing is always best.

Please pray for my eyesight.  During my COVID experience I suffered a tear inside the eye. This caused blood to build up and now I have a permanent ring-shaped floater in my vision. The doctor said the small blood drops will go away with time, but the ring is permanent. Please pray for my eye health that there be no further deterioration.

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

No one goes to a sporting event with the belief that their team will lose. This is exactly why so many don’t share their faith.   

To be successful, we must be excited about what God has done, knowing He, who has promised, has already won.  We have a book full of His victories.

Every sport fan knows his team’s stats.  We need to know our God was, is and will be!

I have fallen in love with the quest of seeing the gospel in the OT.  The apostles preached Christ’s message of repent (return to agree with God) and believe (trust Him) without the benefit of the NT.   One such text (Isaiah 7), when its power was recognized, propelled me to witness to six people in an afternoon; pumped with the realization that Our God wins.  Two of those six allowed me to lead them in prayer.

Soul winning starts in a heart driven by the power of God.  That power is available through His word; experienced in the heart of the believer.

Isaiah had a son whose name means a residue will return (repent).  God sent him with his infant son to meet the idol worshiping king of Judah, Ahaz.  He was being threated by two kings. Isaiah was to call him to return to God and see his two enemies removed.  He refused.

Prophecy has a short-term fulfillment as proof for the future fulfillment.

God wanted, and despite Ahaz, did share one of the most important prophecies of Christ’s birth and the beautiful message of returning and rest for salvation.  So, we must share, even when the intended will not obey.  The message is more important than one stubborn King.  It is an everlasting message from the Eternal to all men of all times, “Behold, a virgin will conceive…a son” and He “shall be called Immanuel!”

In the context of the prophecy, the two kings after Ahaz would have been removed before Shearjashub was of decerning age.  Salvation was available to a returning Ahaz, but not for a non-repentant one.

The newborn Christ (Salvation) was carried to Egypt to escape Herod. Upon return, He had to go to Nazareth to avoid the second.  The two kings were out of the way before Jesus was of age.  The whole story is that of return to agree with God, trust His salvation, and receive eternal life.

God has been faithful and Sadie’s right knee is healing perfectly.  Her left knee, although better, may need further surgery. Please pray for wisdom and healing.

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

The conductor of an orchestra commands musicians who flawlessly play instruments of the highest quality.  The Conductor and Orchestra rehearse untold hours to achieve a quality performance.  Yet, such music reaches a limited audience, for orchestra music is not for everyone.

Our first Reformation Festival since the onset of Covid was a success.  We passed out many hundred tracts and had helpers from the Baptist Church that Skyler and Eva are members of. It is always a blessing to share Christ, even more so when people stop and discuss. Many such opportunities availed themselves during the day-long festival commemorating the Reformation. It is a lot of worthwhile labor to be a part of the event that we utilize for evangelism. We even received acknowledgment for the first time from the organizers in the form of a thank you card.

We no sooner put the festival behind us than we were deep in our Christmas outreach. The benefits of this outreach are not only for the kids who receive a gift, or for those who help but it is a witness that Christians don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk.

At the school, our outreach has been stifled by corona regulations, but we were blessed to be able to teach a 45 min class about respect to each of the 8th grade classes. Chelli spoke to the girls, and I with the boys. Chelli posed the question to the girls, “Are you a china cup, or a paper cup.”  To the boys the question was, Are you a Maserati or a manure wagon. I started with Christ’s answer about the law: Love God and love others.

I often talk about my coming message with people I have contact with as an invitation to our services and more importantly as an opportunity to evangelize. During the Christmas outreach, I was out and ran into a Lady to whom we have influenced for many years.  I was working through the application of Joshua and Israel’s crossing of the Jordan. I communicated to her that Israel, like so many of us, easily got caught up in the literal and missed out on the spiritual. We quickly become hypocritical rather than truly walking with a full heart with our Lord.

The way that archaeologists found the crossing was the fact that Israel took God so literally that they built the encampment in the shape of a right foot: “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.”

As I told her that people need to see that we are truly walking with God. We don’t need nominal Christians. The world needs practicing Christians. She interrupted me with tear-swollen eyes and stated, “You and your family are exactly that to me.”  What an honor! It is a great blessing to see that God is working through us in the lives of others.

Maybe you have had the chance to read my Joseph post.  Before I posted “The Three Josephs”, I used it as a soul-winning opener for weeks and preached it as a sermon opening the traditional four Sundays of the Christmas Celebration Season.  Everywhere you go, use every opportunity to tell of His loving salvation!  If you missed it, you can read “The Three Josephs” on our Facebook page or

Merry Christmas!

Discovering something new in God’s word is always exhilarating. It occurred to me the other day as I was reading the Gospels that the life of Christ is bookended with two Josephs: His earthly father Joseph and Joseph of Arimathea.

It is so encouraging when someone “gets you” or when you realize you are not the only one.  When the prophet was at his lowest, God said, “…I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal…” I Kings 19:17. We live in a time when satan, the contrary accuser, appears to have the upper hand.  Do not be discouraged, but rather rally unto your local church and go out with the gospel.  It is the only light. It is the point of it all!  It will pierce the darkness and the gates of Hell do not have a chance!

In their zeal, the disciples admitted to reproving one for casting out devils in the Savior’s name.  Christ was clear,”…Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our part.” Mk 9:39-40.  In the Hebrew language, “Jesus” can be broken down into two roots; Jehovah and Saves.  It literally means Savior.