2 Thes. 3:13 … be not weary in well doing. Tempering expectation is a necessity in Christian service. When we arrived in Wittenberg, so many years ago, we were told repeatedly that it was a hard place. Their assessment held true. That said, it is not impossible, just hard. Soul winning is our constant thrust. There are times when your witness feels ineffective. One such time was in mid-February. I was out and about. The evangelistic drought had started to get to me, and I began complaining to God about it. Why are people not getting saved? I am faithfully witnessing. When I arrived home, I met one of our neighbors. I had witnessed to him before, in passing. But that day, God just opened the doors. As I finished witnessing, I asked if I could pray with him. In such cases, I always lead in the sinner’s prayer. As I was praying, he began repeating after me. At first, I was surprised, then more and more excited. After closing, I stated, “if you meant that prayer in your heart, I will call you brother”. He answered, “Well then, brother”. Please pray for Bro. K’s spiritual growth. Afterwards, I had to knock on our apartment door as I had left the keys for Chelli to use. She opened the door to a very giddy, teary-eyed husband. Nothing compares to soul winning! Today, I held the chapel service at school. One of the texts was Jeremiah 5:3. Contextually, he was calling Israel to repentance, which would lead to deliverance. He was also complaining to God about the ineffectiveness of his witness. God is truly the one that gives the increase. Don’t give up! Pray also for H… He is another contact who is on the edge of trusting the Lord! This month Chelli has had two English-Weekend Bible Camps, attended by 63 kids and teens. This gives students from the school a chance to hear the Gospel while working on their English. A big thank you to those of you who helped pay for the transportation to camp and back. With the cost of fuel as it is, many of the families would not have been able to afford to send their kids to camp without your help. We are just getting our immune systems back up and running. We suffered two colds back-to-back and our second Corona adventure without reprieve. Please pray that we are back to 100% soon. Please pray for Samantha’s health. We found a good nutritionist to help her sort out what is going on with her immune system. Her ongoing medical expenses are a reoccurring prayer request. As those of you who have experience with auto-immune diseases know, it can be a real roller coaster ride at times. This Sunday, we are excited to be back in our building after the water pipe broke. For two weeks we met in a church member’s house and two weeks we had services digitally. The repairs to the building are not yet complete, but the building is usable again. We are thankful for a church in Springfield, MO, which raised our support. We are also thankful for the church that had to drop our support due to their struggles, but kept us on as their missionaries. We are thankful for each of our faithful supporters and friends who walk with us in this journey. Relationships with churches are so precious to missionaries. May God strengthen our churches for the Gospel’s sake. Special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times. The Sudbrock Family
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