Today the husband of the lady that has been helping me in my quest to learn Hebrew called me Rabbi.  What a cool honor!  I have been visiting their little restaurant which serves of all things, Turkish “Döner” sandwiches.  God continues to give me favor in their eyes.  Please pray that God’s Spirit will use the gospel presented to give rise to faith in Jesus!   It is so exciting to see the eureka moments as I open the Old Testaments pictures of Christ to my Jewish friends.

I had a wonderful opportunity to witness to W---- this morning.  He is an elderly man that is suffering from prostate cancer.  I ask if I may sit with him in the Hospital café.  In no time, he was sharing his life with me.  I interrupted him quickly to share my name and then he marched on.  It is so neat to take the time to listen to the elderly. 

As he went on, the Holy Spirit was clear about the urgency of the gospel.  I told him of my father’s cancer and his home going.  I then ask him of his preparation.  Was he ready to meet God?  He said that he was and I pressed him about his relationship to Jesus as Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that no man could get to the father except through Jesus.

As he was considering my words, I used the thief on the cross to spell out the simplicity of the Gospel in contrast to man’s religion.  I then prayed with W---- for his salvation.  Please pray with me as W---- doesn’t have much time this side of eternity.

I had the joy of sharing the simplicity of the gospel with the administrator of the community center near our church.   She has always maintained that she was not a church goer.  After I explained Jesus call to repentance and faith illustrating it with the response of the thief on the cross, she asked in astonished surprise, “Is faith in Jesus all that is required?  That’s enough?"

I answered, “Repentance and a childlike faith in Jesus is what he called for.  That is enough for Jesus.”

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work in her heart toward salvation.

I had a wonderful time today with a young A--- believer. I met him last week at the local community center near our church. Today he ask about our church and revealed his faith in Jesus. He is very eager to learn about our Lord. Please pray for his family as they are still in their homeland. He has his appointment with the authorities soon. Please pray that his status will be changed so that he can bring his family to safety. It was so exciting as I revealed O.T. pictures, prophecies and truths that pointed to our Lord. There is nothing more rewarding as having the Lord use you to touch another! May God use R--- in the same way to reach more of his countrymen!

The refugee that has been helping me consistently this week with the rebuild of Festival stand stated, “We Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet.  How is it that you believe him to be more?”   He had waited the last few weeks to find a time when we were alone to spring the question.

I told him it is not important what I think, or what another “religious” leader thinks.  What is important is what God says.  I then explained that I read God’s Word and believe what it says.  I do not interpret it. 

When we arrived at the church, we started with Moses, the Ten Commandments, man’s guilt and then the name that God gave Moses to give to Pharaoh, “I am”.  We then went to Jesus’ statement concerning Abraham, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.” Joh 8:58 

Afterwards, we went to John 1:1.  As we went through it verse by verse, he became increasingly overwhelmed.  At verse 8, he stated that he needed to take a break.  It was just too much to take in at once. 

Please pray that God’s Spirit will rehearse these verses in his heart and mind.  He took a picture of the verses in John and translated them with google so that he could study them in Arabic. 

It is so neat to have him consider me a “great friend”!  As we finished up work on the stand, he said, “I like the way you think”.  I am on pins and needles with anticipation to see God work.

We had our second Bible study with the refugees who claim Christ.  The three men have a keen understanding that Jesus is man and God.  It is exciting to minister to such who have risk life to stand for faith.  May God use this as a launching of evangelism.

Please pray that the other men who have been helping me work on our stand will be moved by God’s Spirit towards salvation. 



Some of the guys from the Refugee Center gave me a hand rebuilding our Stand for the City Festival.  Later they invited me to stay for an authentic Syrian meal.  It was very tasty, with the side benefit that no self-respecting vampire would come within a mile of me. They made a very good garlic yogurt cucumber sauce to go with curry rice and roasted Chicken!  Please pray that God will bless my witness.