As I sat in the waiting area for a minor ear opening procedure, this little jingle came humorously into my mind as I considered the happenings of late.

The last two months have been exciting, health wise.  I had outpatient surgery in Iowa 10 days before returning to Germany.  Two weeks and three days ago I had emergency surgery on a detached retina in my right eye.  Two weeks prior to that surgery, I had a head cold that led to an inner ear issue.

I had tried everything to clear up that ear, to no avail.  While being detained in the hospital, post op due to some inflammation, I decided to go see the resident ear specialist.  She gave me nose drops and sent me on my way.  I used them with no success.  A week later, Chelli stopped by our local specialist, and I made an appointment.   Success!  The next day, the doctor made a little hole in my eardrum and extracted the fluid.  Voila, I can hear again.  PTL!  

I can hear and my sight is improving.  The doctor took away two of the meds on Friday.  One was a pupil dilation drop.  My right pupil is slowly becoming active again and my vision in the right eye is less blurry. The stitches in the eye are softening as well as the pain at the op sights are lessening.

Our Reformation festival was a feat of the Lord.  While my eye is healing, I am not able to lift anything.  If it was not for those who stepped up, we would have been forced to cancel our outreach.  Skyler called and said, “Dad, I have organized two teams from our church; one for setup and one for manning the stand.”  Fantastic!

Then Skyler fell ill Saturday.  He was to drive the rented Sprinter.  Without a driver, we were back to cancelation.  Nick, a young man who had helped before, called, and asked if we needed help.  His father is a good friend. He suggested we use his Sprinter and that Nick could drive it. The festival was on again.

Not only did it all function well, but the young people who came to help pass out tracts were energetic soul winners!  I am not sure how many people our thrown-together group witnessed to, but happily we greatly depleted the gospel literature that we had brought that day.

He is mighty in our weakness!!!

Please pray for Samantha’s health.

 Special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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