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We kicked off 2012 with a family oriented Christmas and New Year. All of our services were blessed with a great spirit. Our sermon series, “God’s Finances” and “Breaking down Fear with Joy”, centered on a deeper and more committed relationship with Christ. We are now in the series “What are we striving for?” It deals with what our culture sees as fulfilling in contrast with what the Bible teaches.

Our Men’s Prayer Group started a men’s Bible study on Wednesday nights. After meeting together for some time, the men caught the vision of a Bible study to help us dig deeper into God’s Word. It has been so encouraging to see our men begin to step up and grow into the men that God wants us to be.

Victor is a new visitor. He has been faithfully attending since the beginning of the year. He cited his reason for coming was that the little sign that we used to set out on the main road went a missing and he thought we had closed the doors. Isn’t it funny what God can use?

In our men’s prayer meeting before Church, I mentioned concern that the sermon could be offensive as the subject was a delicate one. Victor piped up and said, “I don’t know how anyone could get upset about your sermon. I look forward to Sunday as the sermon always helps me.”

Being involved in the local Community Center has produced many new contacts. It is a great place to widen our impact in the area surrounding our Church. In the past several years, we have been blessed with people coming in from outside of Wittenberg. But our local impact has been a bit weak. One of the volunteers at the Community Center came to our Christmas celebration and really enjoyed it. We hope to see her at church again soon.

Our after school baseball club has the best group of kids this year that we have ever had. We are meeting with them every Monday afternoon and are excited to see how the Lord will open future doors.

We are also on Facebook as the Sudbrock Scoop.

God has truly been good to us. We are very thankful for the increases in support. We are astonished how God opens hearts to give so sacrificially. Our present need is down to $700 more a month. We have “skyped” a mission conference in October and we are excited about the possibilities of this new venue. If your church is open to a “skype” conference, please contact us.

Paul Sudbrock

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