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Our mid-week Bible studies are starting to get back on track after everyone's summer vacations. On Sundays we are walking through the Gospel of John. We are experiencing the simple beauty and depth of this Gospel. My goal is to teach Christ as the center of all we believe and that every believer can access these truths. Many suppose that only the pastor or a great theologian can understand God's Word. Our approach is to read with God's leadership the simple words that reveal who Jesus is. I wish to liberate and empower believers to read and study God's word with confidence in the Holy Spirit's Leadership


I am leaving Germany, September 9, for a two month furlough in an attempt to raise much needed support. We have lost a significant amount of support since 2007. I will be traveling alone as my family must stay in Germany due to schooling restraints and the needs of our church.


In my absence, my son Skyler and Johannes Hergert will be filling the pulpit. They will continue in John. I am excited about the growth that is taking place in the lives of these two men. Skyler and Samantha will be leading the music. Please remember us during this time of separation.


We have seen real growth in a lady who has been attending our church for a year and a half, but she, like many eastern Germans, is very slow to openly confess her faith. She has shown a great interest in our church and its growth. When Sadie was baptized she expressed that she wished she was ready to make such a step of faith. She told Sadie, "You are farther along than I am." Please pray that "M..." will take the step of confessing her faith and present herself for baptism. I would love to baptize her upon my return in November.


Protected by Him,

Paul Sudbrock


Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!!



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