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Our church was broken into last night.  The perpetrators tried to force the back door and thereby warped the door, but didn’t gain access.  They then turned to a window through which they heaved a large stone with such force that it not only broke the window but shattered a lower cabinet door, across the room from the window, into splinters.

They then reached through the broken window leaving a trace of skin on a shard of glass.  They used our tools from our storage room to attempt to take the TV and its wall mount from the wall.  As the mount screws holding the frame to the wall are very long, they left the mount and took just the TV.  They also took our video projector, our newly installed LED pulpit light and about $8 in change, leaving through a side window.

Please pray that the police will find the thieves and that the insurance with fix the damages and replace what was stolen quickly.  All in all, no one was hurt.  It is just not the way you want to start a Sunday morning.




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