An update on Sadie. Her surgery went well.  It took longer than expected as there was extensive scar tissue that needed to be removed; however, it is healing nicely.  She is now in rehabilitation for the next three weeks.  At the end of those three weeks she is scheduled to go without her bionic looking knee brace.  Please continue to pray for healing.  When this knee is at 100%, the right knee is to have the same operation. This is to avoid the damage the left knee sustained through the weakened tendon which should hold the kneecap in the proper position.

The last few weeks of school, before the summer break, I went with two different classes on three different day trips.  Two were with Chelli’s class; one to Berlin and the other was a 6.7-mile hike to Bergwitzsee.  The other class took the same hike.  These class trips are a great way of building relationships.

Please pray that the school chapel service can be restarted in the fall.  Though I have been making videos for the teaches to use at their discretion, “live” is always better.  For the last five years I have been doing the chapel services and the trust that was built was key this year. 

The tenth graders were the first class that I began ministering to through chapel services all those years ago.  They were asked who they wanted to preach their tenth grade commence-ment.  They requested me.  Despite Covid regulations, I was blessed to preach the Gospel to over 200, consisting of students, faculty and family members.

God opens doors when you least expect it. A day when my plate was full of prep, God led me to take a break from the brain work and go take care of some business at the church.  Underway, God let me see a man walking in the rain toward the train station and told me to stop.

I pulled into a driveway along his path and offered him a ride.  He was a bit shocked at first, but happily climbed in out of the downpour.  He immediately noticed the cross embroidered on my shirt and exclaimed that he was a Muslim.  I asked him if he was also a human.  Astounded and humored he answered, “Yes.”  I then shared with him the meaning of “Adam” (one blood) and Acts 17:26-28.  I took his hand and proclaimed that we were created equal.  Blown away by how I disregarded the divisions of skin color and religion, he became an attentive and excited listener as I told of our need and of the only one who can save, Jesus.

As we pulled into the train station, he hurriedly wrote his name and Tel No. on a scrap of paper.  He exclaimed, “I have never experienced anything like this!” Before he exited my car, I took his hand again praying that he would trust Jesus for salvation.   Please pray for David!

Be open to God’s leadership by praying without ceasing.  God has a plan.  Be a part of it!

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