As Sadie is in her last two years of school and her left knee locked up on her, I took over delivering her paper route.  The contract had already been signed, so… 

Anyway, my knees are improving, and I am enjoying all the opportunity to talk with people while getting in some exercise (the gyms has been closed for a year now due to lockdown).  It is amazing how many soul winning opportunities have arisen.  One man in particular, got a double dose.  Both times were part of my prep for Sunday.  The first time, he closed the conversation with, “Due to our conversation, I am going to go inside and read the 10 Commandments again.”

The next time, I was able to pray with him.  Can’t wait to see him receive Christ!

Another lady always stared at me as I put the paper in the door slot.  The Saturday before Palm Sunday, I met her at her gate and shared with her how the Palm symbolized Jesus as being the victor over sin and the savior of the believer.  She now meets me at the door with a smile.

Horst, stopped me.  I have no Idea how he knew that I am an American.  He had to show me the inground swimming pool he was putting in his garden.  Little did he expect to hear the gospel that day.

R received Christ last Wednesday.  It was 12 years in the coming.  His daughter was in the 1st grade with Sadie.  We planted seed, watered, composted, fertilized.  Serenity and Sadie spent time with their daughters and the girls visited us.  They attended church on special occasions and the girls came to youth meetings.  There was a closedness about Rick.  Some is his personality.  Yet the rest was spiritual.  Contact had waned over the years until his daughter asked about confession and if I could bless a house.  Out of the blue. I received a message from an unknown number. 

It was R.  He had been messing with spiritual darkness and was afraid to sleep in his own bed.  I met with him Wednesday morning at 7:30. He was so repentive and so ready to fall into Jesus’ hands. We then prayed that God would also cleanse his house and bless his family.  We have a new brother and we are going through discipleship in preparation for baptism.  He brought his family to church Sunday.  It took 12 years.

Next week, the lockdown loosens, and the Chapel services start back up at the school!  Another blessing, I have been asked by the graduating class to speak for their Commencement.

Please pray for Sadie’s knee surgery tomorrow and healing.  Her knee problem has been seen by many doctors since she first hurt it in the 2nd grade.  Getting the right doctor is not always a simple thing.  It takes time – God’s time.

A special thanks for the special offerings, especially during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family  

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