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I was invited to go backpacking with both of the 7th grade classes.  I was asked to give the opening and closing devotions for the two trips. Such an opportunity to give the good news to a whole class is not to be denied!

I oversaw the young men.  It was such a privilege to speak God’s truth into their lives in word and deed.  It was also a physical challenge.  I have not spent that much time on my feet since pheasant hunting in my youth.

The lesson is to first know Christ and then to trust him for the long haul. It is not about what we can do.  Our “can-do” is very quickly and properly expressed in the phrase, I can’t.  Acknowledging our inability and repenting of leaving God out is the only logical response to the rigors of life. Only then, are we able, in faith, to fall into the Savior’s nail pierced hands. He alone can save.


The lesson continues in our daily walk. The Way is not just a one time “use” to secure salvation.  Christ is integral to carrying the Cross. It is extremely important to speak the gospel, while living it. We must showcase our word in deeds! Otherwise, we are tinkling brass and sounding symbols.

As my father loved to express it, as he recalled the charge given to him upon graduating from Bible College, “Never, never, never ever quit!”

We have been on the field for 24 years and Missionaries for 26 years. I look up to men like Wilhelm Falk, Fred Davis, Jim Blume and many others, who, despite health issues, the disappointments of seeing so many others fall or quit, and lost support for myriads of unbiblical reasons, they stay the course.

The ultimate constraint, to keep going, is the love of Christ. He didn’t quit halfway. He crossed the line with arms spread wide for me. Knowing He is waiting with those same arms spread to embrace us, how can we quit? How can we justify such an act of complacency during the race?

All believers in Christ are called to the mission of spreading the gospel to ALL mankind.  We must be involved in all quarters of the World. We must Go, Send and Pray for the salvation of man until He calls the race!

We cannot allow the needs of our Jerusalem to replace the needs of the rest of the World, as we cannot lose sight of our responsibility to share the gospel with the man next door. Let us live for the moment we physically step into the embrace of our Lord!

Our car repairs the last few months total: $1500

So grateful for your support!

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.  

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