-an interesting phrase. It comes from German. It is also where we get the word “Wit”. (Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary, "A.S. wíse, orig. wiseness; Ger. weise; akin to wise (1) and wit. Doublet guise" ) It is more than simply “in this manner”. We also use a form of it in Clockwise. The clock was a huge technological leap in engineering. The German word knowledge (Wissen) also belongs to this family as well as many other commonly used words.
On this wise”, leads to the reality that God is knowingly guiding how life unfolds. He has control, even when we believe otherwise. (Every pun is intended!)

Ro 11:33 O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

To illustrate: I had an appointment with the doctor. I got to the clinic at 7 sharp and after a while I noticed I was waiting a bit longer than usual. After the visit, the nurse stated her relief that I had received the message she left on my answering machine. The appointment needed to be changed. She was afraid that I was going to be late. Surprised, I thought to myself, “but I didn’t get any message”. On the way to the car, I checked my appointment card. There in black and white was the original appointment at 2 in the afternoon. God doesn’t miss messages!

God has control and has our backs, even when we are absent-minded.

We have a sweet senior lady who has been attending our church and expressed interest in joining. Knowledgeable of her former church, we have been walking her through our discipleship. I knew a touchy topic was coming up. I carefully made subtle hints to our stance in preparation.

When the day came, she interjected, that due to her experience with her former church, the wisdom of the scripture was made clear. Wow, my job was made easy!

I just finished preaching Gen. 39. I used, “…godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1Ti 6:6) as the application. Joseph went through so much and God never left his side!

Today, I received a letter from a dear church that is now a former supporter of our ministry. Every time a missionary gets such news, it is excruciating. We missionaries often falsely assume that all share the longevity of our commitment. My gracious wife, again reminded me who we serve. He is in control! She was even backed up by this Sunday’s sermon! So again, “on this wise”.

Please pray as I continue studying Hebrew and for the finances to cover the bill. It has truly been a blessing while preaching through the O.T. Please pray for our support.

Blessing: The doctor gave a good prognosis for my knee recovery!

So grateful for your support! Feb - March 
Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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