Trash CanThe church’s color laser printer that has served us so well for the last 4 years went on the fritz. The repair man said that is wasn’t even worth the money it would cost to clean it before the repairs could be preformed. I asked what was wrong with it but his response was so unclear that I became inquisitive.

My father always said I had “tinkeritis”. My insatiable desire to disassemble everything always frustrated him.

So with a printer that was destined for the trash and it’s cheapest replacement being a great hit to our church’s finances, a nudge from Heaven was all it took for my childish nature to roar to life. Experience taught me that just because I could take something apart didn’t mean it would ever work again. So before I started, I asked God, if it is His will, please help me figure this out.


Trash can up closeI started to remove the parts that were designed to be replaced. The last piece was the toner trash can. It collects all the left over toner. Under it was a part that had fallen off of a formerly replaced transfer cartridge. It had apparently lodged itself between a drive wheel and the plastic sprocket of the toner collection cartridge (toner trash can) and broke off a tooth.

I removed the toner trash can, started the printer and the nasty clicking was gone. I reported this to our men and we agreed to risk buying a new trash can cartridge in hopes that it would fix our printer and save us the painful cost of replacement.

The part arrived today and again we prayed before I installed the new part. God answered. Oh, how sweet a working printer sounds when you realize the cost savings. Where the professionals gave up, God used the tinkering of childhood to fix it.

What hidden or unused talents do you posses that God is just waiting to use? Step out onto the water and see what God can do through you!






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