Today, I went to the Hospital to visit and under the direction of the Spirit, I sat in the emergency room reception and waited. After about 30 min., in came Maria. As I found out in our time together, she is very ill. I wished her well and she recognized my accent as she had visited America with her foster son. For some time, she energetically told me of the wondrous trip she had enjoyed in America. She talked about the sites she had seen, the honour of the experience (her, being of East German heritage) and mostly about the friendliness of Americans. She was wanting to talk more, but they called her to the office. In the process, the nurse stated that she would still have an opportunity to talk to me more.


I waited, reading the book, "The Resolution for Men", as it has been translated into German. I hope to start a men's bible study around the need of godly manhood in our culture. After about 15 min., she came back and we continued where we had left off. She told me about her son and I shared with her a little out of my book. When I read an excerpt describing the plight of young men today, she said, "that's it!" That is what he needs! I prayed God would send me help.

We talked some more about God, his love and his leadership, I gave her my card and she ask, "Will you visit me?" I assured her I would, prayed with her and with tears of joy in our eyes knowing that God had brought this meeting about, we went our ways. Experiencing God's leadership as reality is a great encouragement to taking up the cross. Having God use you to minister to other's, knowing he led you to be the answer to prayer, is a rewarding joy that is beyond description.

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