This year has been extraordinary. The opportunities to share the gospel have been astounding. Before Corona struck, Skyler was in and out of the hospital. During one of these hospitalizations, I was asked to preach the funeral of a man whose wife had befriended Skyler on the bus when he was in the fifth grade. This family honored me with the opportunity to walk them through the very difficult time of letting go of the head of their family. I was allowed to comfort the family with the gospel and the hope that Christ offers all who believe. About 30 people attended. Many met with me afterwards to talk about the message and share their gratitude. My father ministered to so many un-churched throughout his years by preaching funerals for non-church goers. He was well-known in our little town in Iowa thanks to his willingness to serve.

Skyler was unable to attend due to his weakened state. He has since had the operation in which they removed his large intestine. Due to Corona we were not able to be with him in the hospital, but God was there the whole time.

Upon Skyler's release from the Hospital post operation and due to the ban on weddings during the Corona lockdown he and Eva married via Skype. A dear friend performed the service. It produced one of the best wedding videos. Skyler is our first to marry. Our prayer is for his further recovery and the Lord's blessings in their union.

At the onset of the pandemic, we started several new outreaches. Chelli and the girls started to churn out face masks. We purchased a portable DVD player to assist our shut-in church people with Christian videos. Our church library is very active, and our faithful ministry vehicle serves as a bookmobile. We, like many other churches, have utilized Facebook to minister to our congregation. The added plus of the corona lockdown is that people who haven't attended in years have been watching our services on Facebook along with many others who have never attended.

Chelli has continued to keep her students in homework via internet. She has also started a ministry of shopping for elderly.

The 10th grade went back to school last week in preparation for finals. I was asked to lead off their first day back with chapel service. The main point was that our identity is not found in our success or failure, but in Christ alone. We have value because He created us and gave Himself for us on the cross. Our real value is in the eyes of the Lord.

Serenity is attending college this fall. Her major is Bio-Tech. Due to Asperger’s, she needs a service dog to warn her and take care of her during an episode. We are trying to raise the $5500 needed for this new adventure. Sadie made a video outlining the need ( We are also posting regular updates on our Facebook page.

A special thanks for the Special offerings. So thankful for all you do to help us do what we do,

The Sudbrock Family

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