So many blessings in the last few months

Our building project was successfully finished.Events

I finished my German certification to be a Sport Trainer.

We baptized mother and daughter, G… and M…  So cool watching Christians grow in the Lord!

I made a solo trip to Canada and IA, enjoying two conferences and ministering in two other churches.  A special thanks to Bro Hallmark’s church in Prince George who gave a special love offering enabling the replacement of my old and defective iPad.  Jeff and Regena were so gracious to me.  Staying with them was a highlight of my trip!


I enjoyed watching and learning from a great missionary, Fred Davis at his church’s Missions Conference in Vancouver. 

It was a wonderful time visiting with Paul Conner of City Baptist Church of Vancouver as he shared his heart for ministry after he opened his church plant to our ministry in Wittenberg!

In my absence, the men finished cleaning up the remnants of the old shed and put on the soffit.  So cool to have men willing to help and even to take the initiative, which was perfect as I have never had such a hard time with jet lag upon my arrival home as I did this time.

I just got over jet lag and we were downtown at the Reformation Festival passing out tracts and witnessing.  God blessed us with a team of young people who sang at our stand giving us opportunity and helping us to reach people with the Gospel message.  One young man was a tract passing out machine.  What a blessing!

The opportunity to minister in the local school has multiplied this year.  We are excited to see what God will do next! Please continue to pray with us that God will send us good Christian teachers who will share God’s love with the children of Wittenberg.  If you know someone who would like to work as a language assistant in our English and Spanish classes, short-term or long-term, please have them contact us.   Many thanks to those who have helped Samantha to minister in South Africa!

Thanks so much for your support!    Support  Aug-Nov $

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.  

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