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Who knows?

Today, as I was leaving the hospital, I noticed a man sitting alone in the lobby.  It was obvious that he was a patient, so I ask him how long.  With a  humorous smirk he ask, “since or still”.  I opened the door a little wider with “since?” and then “still?”.  "Still" brought a more serious tone with “not sure” being the answer. 

As the back and forth ensued, I sat next to him and shared my name and he, in kind, told me his.  So began a conversation with C.H. that opened memories of my father. You see C.H. has prostate and bladder cancer.

He told me of his operation and the uncertainty of the prognosis.  After he finished, I asked him if I could pray with him.  He flatly said, ”no” with the clarification that he did not prescribe to such a philosophy.  With a smile I retorted, ”but He believes in you.”  A smile returned to his face as we started to converse about life and death.  In the end, I told him I would be praying for wisdom for the doctors and healing for himself.  He thanked me and pleasantly closed the conversation with, “maybe there is a God and he does care about me.” 

Salvation is from faith to faith.  Share yours today.  Who knows  a C.H. may just start believing.

Texas A&M Students

Texas A&MHad a great time showing a group of Texas A&M students the sites here in Wittenberg.   They were an inspiring group of young believers.  I am encouraged to see how God will use their lives!  A lot of fun.  Thanks guys!


Batting and Catcher/Pitcher Drills

Here are some Baseball Drill pictures from one of the schools where we are coaching.Swing

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"Tinkerer in God's Hand"

Trash CanThe church’s color laser printer that has served us so well for the last 4 years went on the fritz. The repair man said that is wasn’t even worth the money it would cost to clean it before the repairs could be preformed. I asked what was wrong with it but his response was so unclear that I became inquisitive.

My father always said I had “tinkeritis”. My insatiable desire to disassemble everything always frustrated him.

So with a printer that was destined for the trash and it’s cheapest replacement being a great hit to our church’s finances, a nudge from Heaven was all it took for my childish nature to roar to life. Experience taught me that just because I could take something apart didn’t mean it would ever work again. So before I started, I asked God, if it is His will, please help me figure this out.


Trash can up closeI started to remove the parts that were designed to be replaced. The last piece was the toner trash can. It collects all the left over toner. Under it was a part that had fallen off of a formerly replaced transfer cartridge. It had apparently lodged itself between a drive wheel and the plastic sprocket of the toner collection cartridge (toner trash can) and broke off a tooth.

I removed the toner trash can, started the printer and the nasty clicking was gone. I reported this to our men and we agreed to risk buying a new trash can cartridge in hopes that it would fix our printer and save us the painful cost of replacement.

The part arrived today and again we prayed before I installed the new part. God answered. Oh, how sweet a working printer sounds when you realize the cost savings. Where the professionals gave up, God used the tinkering of childhood to fix it.

What hidden or unused talents do you posses that God is just waiting to use? Step out onto the water and see what God can do through you!






Valentine's Day Teenabend

We painted porcelan cups for Valentine's Day.  My mom is the best!  Our Theme was what love is.  Skyler translated the story of St. Valentines from English to German on the fly and Pappa taught that God is Love; eteranal , sacrifical, full of grace and Loyalty. 


Fathers building Daughters

I surmise that many young ladies find themselves in abusive relationships due to their father failing to teach them their great value and lovingly building in them confidence of their own competence.

Abusive men find weakness attractive as it offers no challenge.

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The New More Congruent With Modern Knowledge Bible

After the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate, Pat Robertson told creationist Ken Ham to shut up: ‘Let’s not make a joke of ourselves’. He went on to try to marry his form of “faith” with “science’s” interpretation of geology and paleontology. Robertson has clearly rejected the Biblical account of Creation.

After listening to his unbelievable rant against Ken Ham, the idea occurred to me, If we were to errantly follow the Pat Robertsons of “ Christianity”, what would our Bible look like to reflect our altered beliefs?  So I did a quick search of Bible texts which we would have to remove in order to capitulate to the Atheist’s attack on our faith.

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…”if God says the paths of the sea,"...

Matthew Fontaine Maury 1806-1873

He was driven by Biblical accuracy to which he became the founder of the science of oceanography.

Psalm 8;8 "whatsoever walketh through the paths of the sea,"

…”if God says the paths of the sea, they are there,”… M. F. Maury

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Who is in Control?

Cosmos is an interesting Greek word. It is no doubt based on the verb “komeo” which is "to take care of, provide for, to take up or carry away in order to care for and preserve for one’s self what is one’s own.” 

It is often correctly translated “world” as it is a place of escape from the harm of space. It is a creation of safety and providence. Out side of the “Goldilocks Zone” in which the earth is so precisely placed, space is very inhospitable. You are either cooked or frozen.

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