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The New More Congruent With Modern Knowledge Bible

After the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate, Pat Robertson told creationist Ken Ham to shut up: ‘Let’s not make a joke of ourselves’. He went on to try to marry his form of “faith” with “science’s” interpretation of geology and paleontology. Robertson has clearly rejected the Biblical account of Creation.

After listening to his unbelievable rant against Ken Ham, the idea occurred to me, If we were to errantly follow the Pat Robertsons of “ Christianity”, what would our Bible look like to reflect our altered beliefs?  So I did a quick search of Bible texts which we would have to remove in order to capitulate to the Atheist’s attack on our faith.

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…”if God says the paths of the sea,"...

Matthew Fontaine Maury 1806-1873

He was driven by Biblical accuracy to which he became the founder of the science of oceanography.

Psalm 8;8 "whatsoever walketh through the paths of the sea,"

…”if God says the paths of the sea, they are there,”… M. F. Maury

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Who is in Control?

Cosmos is an interesting Greek word. It is no doubt based on the verb “komeo” which is "to take care of, provide for, to take up or carry away in order to care for and preserve for one’s self what is one’s own.” 

It is often correctly translated “world” as it is a place of escape from the harm of space. It is a creation of safety and providence. Out side of the “Goldilocks Zone” in which the earth is so precisely placed, space is very inhospitable. You are either cooked or frozen.

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Dying Alternator!

AlternatorJust got back from the mechanic with the bad news about what is causing our little car to sound like it has a an electric motor. The bearings of the alternator are shot. It must be replaced.  We looked at the cost of a new one and I needed to sit down.  It is over $500! Please pray that God will open up another option.  I really detest solid state.  It was so much easier when you could buy a kit and rebuild your alternator.  

Surgery Success!

Thanks for all your prayers.  The surgery went well and I was released at 10 today.  We are now at home nursing my sore belly.  The Doc says to take it easy; no lifting, shoveling or bike ride for the next month.


I see the Doctor tomorrow at 9 for pre-op. and Tuesday, they fix my Hernia.  Hopefully, I will be out Wed. and back home that evening.

Thanks for praying.

When will testimony bear fruit?

Yesterday, at the hospital, I had a wonderful visit with a man that runs a youth shelter in a town south of Wittenberg.  I had a conversation with him months ago, but he clearly stated that he had no desire for church as he was not brought up in it.  We still had a great conversation and I had the opportunity to share Christ.

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Living in Two Places

The Reformation Festival was refreshing this year as the people were more open to our witness as ever before. It could be that they are beginningReformation Festival to expect our presence and message at the festival. We passed out many tracts, Bibles and lots of balloons. Our balloons were a big hit. They were lit with a small LED light with the Text “The Light of The World” and our website address on them. On our website, we wrote a gospel tract to coincide with the balloons. We praise the Lord for the many people who went to our site and read about The Light of The World, Jesus!

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Be Free to Learn

Arrogance is Ignorance’s favorite mask. It allows all forms of delinquency and gives rise to tyranny of brutes standing behind the cloak of “intelligence”.

God’s law is the great teacher of sinful equality. It banishes arrogance enabling the most simple to learn of truth and love.

Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Ps 37:11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

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