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So many blessings in the last few months

Our building project was successfully finished.Events

I finished my German certification to be a Sport Trainer.

We baptized mother and daughter, G… and M…  So cool watching Christians grow in the Lord!

I made a solo trip to Canada and IA, enjoying two conferences and ministering in two other churches.  A special thanks to Bro Hallmark’s church in Prince George who gave a special love offering enabling the replacement of my old and defective iPad.  Jeff and Regena were so gracious to me.  Staying with them was a highlight of my trip!

I enjoyed watching and learning from a great missionary, Fred Davis at his church’s Missions Conference in Vancouver. 

It was a wonderful time visiting with Paul Conner of City Baptist Church of Vancouver as he shared his heart for ministry after he opened his church plant to our ministry in Wittenberg!

In my absence, the men finished cleaning up the remnants of the old shed and put on the soffit.  So cool to have men willing to help and even to take the initiative, which was perfect as I have never had such a hard time with jet lag upon my arrival home as I did this time.

I just got over jet lag and we were downtown at the Reformation Festival passing out tracts and witnessing.  God blessed us with a team of young people who sang at our stand giving us opportunity and helping us to reach people with the Gospel message.  One young man was a tract passing out machine.  What a blessing!

The opportunity to minister in the local school has multiplied this year.  We are excited to see what God will do next! Please continue to pray with us that God will send us good Christian teachers who will share God’s love with the children of Wittenberg.  If you know someone who would like to work as a language assistant in our English and Spanish classes, short-term or long-term, please have them contact us.   Many thanks to those who have helped Samantha to minister in South Africa!

Thanks so much for your support!    Support  Aug-Nov $

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.  


Activities of the MonthThe last months have been filled with activity.  Chelli had warned me not to make any new appointments, and rightly so. Every week was filled to the brim. 

Our youngest celebrated her Modern Day Princess Ceremony at church.  It was very exciting to see our Sadie celebrating coming of age.  We charged her to strive for truth and wisdom, to bloom where God has her now to gather the strength for the next phase of her life, to let Jesus shine in and through her, to never forget the goal and who she belongs to and to guard her heart.

Luther’s’ Wedding Festival was exciting.  Again, this year we passed out more than a thousand pieces of Christian literature and tracts along with individual conversations about Christ. The opportunity to point masses of people to Christ during this celebration is so rewarding.  One conversation led to a young man, T…, receiving Christ.  His first question was, do you really believe that God exists.  What an open door to share Christ!  Later that evening.  He approached me and stated, “if I don’t see you again here on earth, I will see you in the life to come!”  Praise God for His Spirits’ working and His salvation.

Samantha graduated.  Such an emotional time of watching our first daughter stretching her wings.  She leaves the end of August to go work in a Baptist Children’s Home in South Africa.  Please pray for her needed financial support.  There is still much to do in preparation for her 11 months abroad.

Preparation were finalized for Serenity to go to Peru on a Medical Missions Trip.  We are excited to see our children have such a strong desire to follow the Lord in planning the direction of their lives!

Skyler’s return to Wittenberg.  Skyler is coming home to study in Coswig.  His goal is to be a lay Pastor supporting our work here in Wittenberg.  He will be training to be a Journeyman Cabinet Maker and later a Building engineer.

All this while building a new storage garage to replace our little rotting shed at the church.  Oh, 4 more weeks until my “Hebrew A” final exam.  My brain is trying to grasp the relative concept of Hebrew verb forms.  I am signed up for Biblical Hebrew B and I am pushing off the start date to Feb, 2019 in hopes of solidifying what I have learned. 

Thanks so much for your support!    

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.  

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Thank you for your prayers. Skyler’s health is stable. Pray for complete healing. Having the immune system shut off brings other health risks. He begins studying Biblical Counselling in Berlin this fall. Samantha will be graduating from High School this Spring. It is hard to believe that our babies are growing up so quickly.

Gabi, who has visited our church for over five years approached me about the Lord's Supper. I responded that we offer that to members. The following week she asked about church membership and I walked her through the scriptural standard of baptism. She soon realized that her baby baptism was meaningless as it occurred before she repented and believed in Jesus. She then stated very assertively, "Then, I want you to baptize me." God's Spirit is at work! Pray for Gabi as we walk her through discipleship.

School opportunities:

– I started teaching a chapel service at an area middle school on Mondays. I have been breaking “the Lord’s prayer“ down for the kids. It is ironic how many self-proclaiming atheists know this portion of scripture by heart, but have not the inkling what it means.

--Our little baseball team is starting to grow. Please pray for the seeds that we plant in these young hearts. There is a spiritual battle for the next generation.

--Our back-to-school teen night was a great success with a full house and lots of songs being sung around the fire. Please pray for these young people as we meet together one Friday night each month. A group of them have started a student Bible study at the local high school. Pray with us for these future leaders.

March for Life in Berlin – I marched with Joachim Focking in Berlin at the March for Life. The darkness of the counterdemonstrations is very revealing. Our Society is so polarized. The spiritual battle lines are all too clear at such an event.

We are gearing up for the Reformation Festival. The end of October marks our 10th year of participation. It has provided many a soul-winning opportunity and established our church’s presence within the Wittenberg landscape.

Please pray for wisdom as we will be needing a new car in the future. My hope is that it will hold for another year or two. We have enjoyed the savings that our natural gas car affords and would like to stay with that fuel, but finding the right car is difficult as our car is no longer produced. It would also be nice to not have to go into debt for a newer vehicle.

Thanks so much for your support!  

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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The Right Thing

There are many “good things” that can replace the right thing. Jesus came to “seek and to save”. He commanded us to take the Gospel for which he suffered, died and resurrected to secure. It goes way beyond a “Commission”. It is a command to, in the process of going, MAKE disciples, BAPTIZE them and to TEACH them. Making disciples is eternally essential. Anything stressed or placed before it, is contrary to it. The “good” cannot replace the right and remain good. The other two are ordered, foundational and biblical, but not essential to eternal life. It is sad, how many lesser-degree “good” things, that are not foundational and biblical but rather are interpretive or traditional and can be simply the dictates of man, become so important to the religious. Jesus, the disciples and the early churches contended with such things. We are no different. We must always evaluate our lives and ministries to align them with the simplicity of the Gospel. See

aprilpicsmSoul winning in Wittenberg often consists of going to a sit-down bakery, coffee shop, Café or the hospital. Any opportunity to meet people and share Christ is the right thing. One recent visit to a local bakery for a coffee, cheese cake and Hebrew studies caught the attention of Wolfgang. He is a gentleman in his late 60s to early 70s. He saw my studies and my embroidered cross on my chest and asked the typical question intended to “pop” my Christian “bubble”.
“Do you really believe that God exists?”

I answered affirmatively and then he drove on further with all the down fallings of “Christianity” and “Judaism”. He was soon astonished to see that I was not one of those easy targets. He was quickly disarmed as I separated Faith in Christ from his false view that combined faith and religion. This is a standard issue that we must understand. “Religion”, as it is generally used, is man’s invention. It is the camo cloak that Christ will see through as He condemns “Christians” with the words, “I never knew you”.

As I inserted the gospel, you could see the notable tears of conviction well up in Wolfgang’s eyes. Another seed firmly planted, awaiting God’s power of salvation.

We are thankful to see Serenity’s trip to Peru is funded and we turn our attention to Samantha’s year in South Africa. She will be working with a Baptist Children’s Home there. We are excited to see her take this step to minister to the lost. Any funds that come in beyond Serenity’s need will be applied to Samantha’s flight and housing during her year away from home. We are excited to see our kids follow the Lord!

Skyler is finishing his studies in Berlin and will begin a dual study program as a carpenter/engineer. He asked If the church could use a youth pastor. I told him that the church couldn’t pay anything. He answered, “they don’t pay you either”. I had to laugh.

Prayer request: The costs of a new clutch and cable for our car when it left us stranded in Berlin. ($617.46). My long serving workhorse(iPad) is in the repair shop. It is so old that the repairman doubts his ability to fix it as Apple discontinued its support quite some time ago. Please pray that it is fixable.

Thanks so much for your support!
Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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The last few months have been a whirlwind. Our car’s transmission went bad, and twisted the right CV joint in two. Friends and Churches jumped to our rescue and covered the expenses.   We are so grateful!

Sadie and I spent three weeks in America traveling to seven churches and meeting with several pastors, to regain some of our lost support. God blessed and we have two new supporting churches to fill some of the void left by dropped support.

Upon our arrival back in Germany, the planning of Luther’s Wedding celebration was upon us. We passed out over a thousand tracts and other literature along with many great conversations about Christ and his salvation.

R…, our refugee convert is in the courts petitioning to stay in Germany as returning to his country of origin would be a death sentence. Becoming Christian is forbidden in Muslim countries, punishable by death.

Chelli and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. Amazing!!! How I am blessed!

My mother had a heart attack, but is recovering well, as of this letter.

I took Samantha and Serenity to the airport. They are visiting friends and family while looking at college opportunities stateside.

Skyler was home for a few weeks and his health is thankfully stable. It was great to have another man in the house.

Our car had another mishap as the rack-and-pinion lost hold on the right wheel, setting it at such an angle to destroy the new differential. Thankfully, God protected us in both situations, as the car was moving slowly when it happened. The transmission was under guarantee. The rack-and-pinion cost $250.95 and whatever the mechanic charges.

Please pray for wisdom as we will be needing a new car in the future. My hope is that it will hold for another year or two.

Thanks so much for your support!  

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

Received for May-July: Support: $ Designated: Special:

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The Linkage that the Lord is establishing is amazing!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Skyler’s health. Pray for complete healing.  Though the medication is keeping the Crohn’s symptoms at bay, having the immune system shut off brings other health risks.

Pray for Samantha as she is seeking God’s plan as she finishes high school this year.

Linkage from Gabi to Michelle:  Gabi, who started discipleship, took the first lesson home. Her daughter, Michelle, has attended our church off and on for years. She claimed to be a believer though never committing to our church. Michelle, approached me before church stating that she needed to talk. After services, I asked her what was on her heart. With tears in her eyes, she stated that she needed to become a real Christian. I asked her a few questions and soon she was asking Jesus to save her! What an instant change of spirit! She is now filled with the joy of the Lord. Now, we have mother and daughter in discipleship and baptisms soon to follow!

Linkage from Baseball and Christmas outreach to School opportunities:

-        I was asked to hold the devotional at the school’s Faculty Christmas Party.

-        Our teen’s after school Bible club is taking off. Pray that God will build and use these great young people.

Linkage with other Christians in Germany: The Reformation Festival was a great success. We had two groups of young people join us in passing out nearly 6,000 pieces of Christian literature spanning from simple tracts, CDs, and children’s booklets, to complete Bibles. One team was from southern Germany. The other was from Berlin. The Berlin team even drew a crowd by singing German hymns acapella!

Please pray for wisdom as we will be needing a new car in the future. Many of you have helped by providing funds to keep our 12-year old van running. Thank you so much! We fear though that it’s time is limited, so we have opened a savings account at the mission’s office in preparation for that day. If you would like to help, please label such donation; “car fund”. It is our prayer, that our van will hold together until the funds are sufficient to buy a replacement. The exhaust manifold developed a crack and will need to be replaced.

Thanks so much for your support!   

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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My Son and His Fiancé loved Your Services!

In Europe, it takes a long-term commitment to see lives changed. We first met S… when Chelli was pregnant with Sadie. She attended one of Chelli’s first teacher training seminars.

We were overjoyed when we discovered that she would be Sadie's grade school teacher. Our relationship has continued to develop and she has attended various special services over the years, such as Sadie's baptism.

Easter Sunday, S… brought her son and future daughter-in-law to the services. Her daughter-in-law was raised in a Baptist home and didn't want to miss Easter services.

The sermon started with the concept of the Resurrection in the Old Testament followed by its realization in Mark 16, and then by the clarifications of Paul and Peter. The Gospel was clear and powerful. God had to die and resurrect to complete the promises of the OT! He's is the offering! We must repent of our attempts at self-justification (religion) and believe the good news that everything Christ did fulfilled the scriptures.

S… later commented that her son and his fiancé loved the services and plan to visit again the next time they are in town. The daughter-in-law even offered to play our long still piano. S... then excitedly added that she would also attend! After 15 years of planting and watering, this is great news! Faithful persistence pays. Repeatedly, we have experienced God move in the hearts of people. Never at the rate that man desires, but He is patient.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Pet 3:9)

 R… continues to grow in the Lord. We had a wonderful opportunity to connect him with believers from his homeland. Big thanks to a gracious host: Jürgen Notz and a pastor that spoke the right language. Our refugee convert, R..., had a three-hour discipleship session. I asked him if he had learned anything new. He said, "some", but much of what he received I had taught in our discipleship. The benefit was the depth of understanding that came from hearing it in his own mother tongue. Thanks to my former Missions professor, Ken Liles, whose footsteps are the course of action. Also, thanks to George Dimakos, whose Greek church had the outreach and forethought to send a team to Germany.

Our hope is to connect him with believers from his homeland here in Germany and see how God will use his love of Jesus to draw more to faith in Christ. 

Conference WhatsApp Image 2017 04 23 at 17.52.19 1

Please pray for our transportation needs. The transmission went out and sheared off the cv joint in the process. The cost of repairs is yet unknown.


Thanks so much for your support!

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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