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Chelli Sudbrock's testimony

Growing up, my aunt and uncle made sure that I heard the Gospel often. I spent the night at their house and went to church with them, I rode the church bus with their children, I attended VBS with them, they took me to AWANA nights, and every other chance they got, they directed me toward salvation. At the age of 13 they encouraged me to attend camp Chataqua, and First Baptist Church in Ashland, Ohio, paid my way. While attending this youth camp, I accepted Christ as my personal saviour. I went from being a "bus kid" to teaching other bus kids about the wonders of God.

Personal call

Soon after that Wednesday night at youth camp, God began dealing with my heart about missions. I bounced the idea off of my friends, family and teachers and was shocked to hear that "all missionaries die a gruesome death; that is they are boiled in oil, eaten by animals, scalped and eaten by natives, and so on." I was sure that God had the wrong person when he began talking to me and I told him so. Finally, on Easter Sunday night of my Junior year of high school, God separated me from among all the opinions around me and spoke to my heart. That night, at the age of 16, I surrendered my life to missions. After graduating from high school, I attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, where Paul and I met during Spring Break of my freshman year. Now, I strive on a daily basis to be the wife, mommy and missionary that God would have me be.



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