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Blessings and Blessings

For my birthday Chelli and the kids invited friends and acquaintances to surprise me that Sunday morning.  It was great!  I thoroughly enjoyed preaching to a full house of guests, many of which have never been to a service and normally wouldn’t come to church. 

Two weeks later, at our annual teen meeting one of the young people was still commenting on the sermon from that week.  The Theme of the teen meeting was “Discernment – How to make good decisions” focusing on God’s leadership. 

There was a lot of good feed back such as; “that was really good”, “spot on”, “I really needed that”, and ”I will be back!”  Tonight one of those teens is bringing a guest.  The parents of the young teen that was so impressed with the sermon on my birthday are bringing him and his sister from a neighboring city.

We want to send out a special thanks to those who support our ministry and those who sent special gifts to help with the expenses expressed in our last prayer letter.  May the Lord bless you doubly for the blessing you have been to our family!

Now on to the “and Blessings” part.

Within a month’s time, Skyler had a bike wreck and broke his front teeth, Samantha twisted her knee at a school skiing activity which thankfully turned out to be only stretched tendons and not a tear.  Sadie fell backward while exercising and broke both arms in an attempt to catch herself.  A few days later Serenity crashed her bike.  We are now on a first name basis with the Emergency Room Attendants. ;°) So with bruises, breaks, a bit of humility and a whole lot of thankfulness to the Lord, we continue to pray that God will use us here in Wittenberg.

Please pray for God’s providence and blessings for the ministry.


Thanks so much for your support!

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.


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