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Glorify God by Being a Blessing!

Blessing others is our role as believers.  Christ called the disciples to feed the thousands in order to teach them the principle of being good stewards of the untold riches of God’s grace.  How can you be a good steward? 

The steward is often unbiblically characterized as one who wisely withholds and saves.  This is the antithesis of biblical stewardship.  The evil steward was judged for this very action. 

A better portrayal of good stewardship can be seen in Ecclesiastes 11:1, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”  You see an almost reckless abandonment here which contrasts human logic, but is fitting to one who trusts in God’s supply.

Peter stated it in this manner, “:9  Use hospitality one to another without grudging. 10  As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God."(I Peter 4)

He is clear that giving, without thought of self, is the tool of a good steward of God’s grace.  This is in tune with Jesus teachings and command to “take up your cross and follow me.”  Christ gave as He trusted in the riches and power of the father and God raised Him from the dead!

The meaning of words have often been co-opted by Satan to twist truth and power out of grasp of Christians. The danger here is simple.  If we adopt the false characterization of biblical stewardship, we illustrate the opposite of God’s intention and thereby, we capitulate to the enemy.  Instead of being stewards of grace, we become stewards of unholy Mammon; greedy, selfish, manipulative and destructive to the work of the Lord that he did on the cross.

The next time you hear stewardship being so characterized, think “how does this “stewardship” show God’s grace, love, power, provision or any other of his manifold majesty?”

Those who teach so, conflate stewardship with accounting and therefore, confuse God with Caesar. 

Galatians 5:14 "For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."


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