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Unfortunately, the term "Missional" is in danger of being the newest replacement for the sacrificial call to go into all the world and preach the gospel. The Great Commission broadens the horizon and calls to selfless offering, with the cross, as a living sacrifice.

Many a "Missional" organization supplant traditional Missions. Even Wikipedia defines, the term, “Missions” as a border crossing venture. Traditionally, we add the adjective "home" to missions so as not to take away from the original intention.


A "Missional" church does not mean it supports missionaries! It may very well be anti-missionary. In this sence, “Missional” can be the Great Omission of the traditional World-Wide Gospel Outreach.

Bob Munson stated, “I have been a big supporter of the Missional Church Movement. I am disappointed that missional churches have often chosen a path that is often anti-missionary.”


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