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How much of our life is about the goal?

Our church is working through the Gospel of John. We are in the 16th chapter and we are having a blast. The people are getting excited and involved in witnessing. 

Our prayer and testimony times on Sundays are becoming about outreach rather that the typical, "I have a need" session. This last Sunday one of our ladies testified of how God had given her opportunity to communicate her faith to co-workers.   Skyler testified how God had blessed the first meeting of the Bible study he started with young people from his school.  

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A new year

A new opportunity to share Christ. That is our purpose. We have been in Germany for 18 years now. Our four children were born during those years. They are multi-cultural and multi-lingual. God has blessed us with souls saved and lives changed. Germans often question why we stay in Germany. "America is such a great place to live. Why do you choose to live here in Germany?" The answer is always the same, God sent us here and here we serve. The bulk of my ministry is in the German language. What a shame it would be if we couldn't use our German on a daily basis. Read more: A new year

Small Furlough

I wish to thank all of those who faithfully have continued our support throughout the years.  Without you holding the lines of our financial and prayer support we could not have served the Lord for the soon to be 18 years.  I pray that our Father rewards you greatly in this life as I know He will in the life to come.  Special thanks go out to those who have sacrificially increased our support due to some recent financial struggles.  We are excited to have four new supporters and two recent increases join us for the cause of souls in Wittenberg, Germany. Read more: Small Furlough

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