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Back to being a Child

I had a wonderful trip to my childhood.  As a young person, nothing was more precious to me then meeting Jesus on my knees, having Him use me in unexplainable and sometimes radical ways.  Soon after trusting Christ, he used me, as a little boy, to lead an adult to Him.  Man was I excited!  As ministry can become a thing you do rather than a miracle that God is doing with you, so have I at times sensed the wonder of my childlike fascination, dependence and joy, becoming foggy through the stresses of adulthood.


Recently, I was invited to speak at a friend’s church about Unknown Fear/Fear of the Unknown.  My wife took me to the train station only to find that my train was going to be so late that the rest of my trip was up in the air.  I had no idea how I was getting to my destination.  With an unusual calmness I said, “God knew this would happen before I did.”

The rest of my trip added an hour and a half extra travel time, an extra train, and four witnessing opportunities! Three of these allowed for a clear presentation of the gospel, but the most memorable of them all. ... almost never took place.

As I entered one of the last trains of the trip, which was mostly empty, I saw a police officer sitting alone.  God's voice could not have been clearer, "Sit by him."  Through the years God has always astounded me when He has given me such clear prompting.

I said, "But God, surely a police officer doesn't want to have to put up with a chatter box like me." The answer was quick and clear, "Sit by him." So after a bit more procrastination until it was almost embarrassing, I asked if I might sit with him.

The rest of that leg of travel was filled with questions about faith and God. He grasped the need for repentance and the simplicity of child-like faith so naturally.  It was so exciting to see God's hand knocking on his heart’s door.  He was so excited as I shared with him. It was just so much fun. As we stood up to change trains, I noticed for the first time how extremely tall he was.

Walking through the station this police officer started mentioning people and situations that had recently made an impression on him.  I took the lead in the conversation telling that God was knocking on the door of his heart through these situations. I then asked Manuel if I could pray for him. At first, he was hesitant as he didn't understand what such a prayer might entail. I explained that I would be praying for God's leadership in his life so that he would know God personally. I took Manuel’s hand and began praying for him.  I really did look like the little boy of 42 years ago holding the hand of a giant-like man as I prayed with him.

When we parted ways, Manuel said, "We will see each other again!"  As I reminisced with God over the wonderful opportunity, I prayed again,"God, I want to be nothing other than that little boy so excited and full of wonder in your use of me.”  There is no addiction greater than the addiction of being used of the Lord! May we never forget the fascination in being His little children.  


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