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“I will not have anyone tell me what I “must” do.”

This is the statement that a man recently gave me as a reason for not wanting to believe in Jesus.  After hours of answering all kinds of questions about God spanning from “Christianity” in History to God’s very existence.  In the end, this was his holdout.  “I was told what I must do throughout my childhood, youth and as a young adult in the former GDR.  No one will tell me what I must do.”

After explaining that Christ is the exclusive Way, Truth and Life as the only means to the Father, I gave him this example; “I don’t know how to get to your house and you tell me to follow you, but I refuse, as I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.  Will I find your house?”  This example got him thinking.  Please pray for Mr. R.   Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to remind him of his need.


An Elderly pair I met in the Hospital Café asked me about the “Islamization” of Germany.  Their primary question was, “Does Islam worship the same God simply using a different name.”  I led them to consider the two expressions of who God is and the two who modelled the “faith” here on earth.  It did not take very long for them to catch on to the fact that Jesus modelled self-sacrifice so that others might live; whereas, Mohammed used violence to force his will upon others. It was even clearer that the God of the Bible cannot lie; whereas, “Allah” is the greatest of deceivers (  They were so excited to get clarity in this question that is confounding so many in the western world.  I was able to then share the gospel and pray with them.  Please pray for this couple.

My son came home and asked us to sit down.  With a seriousness beyond his years, he informed us that a dear friend had passed in her sleep.  C_____ was one of our first neighbours and has appeared in our ministry videos in the past.  She babysat Skyler for us on many occasions.  He always came home happy and full of chocolate.  Sadly, this dear friend always rejected every opportunity to receive Christ.  She always answered with “I’m just not ready.  Maybe later.” With heavy hearts, we are confronted once again with the reality that our witness for Christ is to demonstrate His righteousness to all and His salvation to those who repent and receive Him.

When no one would believe his message, Isaiah complained,”Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?”(Isaiah 53:1) In that context, the Father encourages us all to continue to faithfully witness, so those who will hear, may have the opportunity to hear. Our witness is also meant to reveal God’s righteous dealings.  This leaves all who reject guilty before God. 

I read the account of Stephen’s martyrdom this morning (Acts 6). Considering his testimony, let us fight the good fight.  Bear the cross openly.  Tell everyone we meet of God’s salvation, knowing that rejection of God’s plan is rejection of God, not of us.

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Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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